Did you create a project and aren’t sure whether or not you want to keep it?

No problem!

You can archive both, projects or pages.

Archiving projects and sites

Let's check on the process when you need to delete the whole website (project) in Onepage. That's how you can do that :

Archiving a project

Click on the three dots at the bottom of your project and then select "Archive" to delete the entire project.

All the pages inside the project will be archived too. Just one click

Archiving a page

It is basically the same process, but you need to select a specific page you want to be deleted. Notice that your sites or projects will remain saved in “Archived projects” or “Archived sites” unless you delete them completely.

Restoring projects and sites

Want to restore your page or a project? Then follow our instructions

Restoring projects

Click the "Archive" category. Read the following article if you struggle to find it. Find a project/page you need to restore and find this option by clicking the same three dots (like on a screenshot)

You can archive an unlimited number of projects without influencing any of your active ones. Archived project doesn't count as active and won't affect your pricing plan

Tip. If you're running out of projects on your current license while in need of creating more, simply archive one of the existing projects to be able to create a new one.

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