Compared to other page builders, Onepage has a distinctive advantage. Every landing page you build with us is already optimised for mobile devices without you having to do anything for it. So our designers are working ahead of you!

⚙️ Depending on how you want the sections to be displayed on different devices however it may be that you will want to change a few things. It could be helpful to create separate sections for different devices. That means that certain sections that you created for mobile devices only will not be displayed on the desktop version.

Step 1

Click on the symbol for desktop and mobile for the section you’re working on.

Step 2

Choose the section that should only be visible on either the desktop or mobile version of your site.

💡What happens next? Using the setting “displayed for” you can choose what devices this section will be displayed on. Onepage will recognise the type of device your visitors use and will display the section accordingly. 💡


You can either create a new section or just duplicate one and adjust it where needed. Use a different image, compress texts or add a picture and so on and so forth. Change whatever you disapprove of in the automatic optimization of your site.

Look at the mobile section

Click on the Screen icon at the bottom right and activate the hidden sections. These are the mobile sections and they’re usually not shown.


At last, you have to publish or update your site and test the changes you made on both, desktop and mobile devices.

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