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Where to find your invoices and how to change your personal details in Onepage
Where to find your invoices and how to change your personal details in Onepage

How to find bills and payment information in your Onepage account

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To find your billing information, click on the right side bottom on the Onepage logo. This will open a menu, now click on "Profile".

Once you click on "Profile", you will see your private information, like name, email, and so on.

Now please click on the second tab called "Billing" to see all your payment details and invoices.

Now, scroll down a little bit and look for your paid invoices. They're all there. You can open an invoice by clicking on the "Invoice" button.

How to change personal details in your Onepage account

If you want to change personal information, like your name or address, then follow the same steps as above:

  1. Click on Profile

  2. Click on Billing

  3. Go to Billing Info and click on Change

There you can change all your personal information.

Once you change this information, it will be shown on the next invoice.

If an invoice has been already issued and you changed these details, the already issued invoice will not be changed automatically.

Our payment provider, Stripe, does not allow us to change already created invoices.

Your next invoice will have the new information you changed in your Onepage account.

For more information on this topic, please take a look at the video below:

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