Introduction to images and media-library

When preparing content, it's not always possible to order a photo shoot or create illustrations from scratch. Therefore, Onepage provides you with two options, upload your media, or use a free photo stock with 100,000+ awesome images, Unsplash, without even leaving the builder.

Now let's focus on how you can upload and work with your own media files. Onepage media-library supports popular formats like .png, .jpeg, .webp and many popular file-formats.

1. Uploading media to Onepage

You can upload images from your “Media library” once you’re logged in. It's always located at the bottom-left corner while you're editing any of your pages.

Click on “Upload media” to choose one or more images you’d like to upload and choose any format from the list of requirements for your image or a file

Important: Max. image size 2MB

If an image you chose is too large, simply compress it using compressing software or a graphic tool of your choice.

2. Deleting pictures from Onepage

If you want to delete any of the files in your media gallery, hover your mouse over the image, and a menu icon will appear. Click on the three dots and then “delete.”

Important. this action cannot be reverted. Delete your media carefully

3. Organizing your content with folders

Folders come in handy when you need to keep your media workspace clean and organized. In Onepage, we allow to create media folders within projects.

Whenever you need one, just create it like on the screenshot above and send your media there using the same context menu as you did with file deletion.

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