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Separate sections - Design the divider between sections
Separate sections - Design the divider between sections

Your page is divided into sections. You can separate these sections visually in different ways.

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In order to give your page a little more individuality and make it more pleasing to the eye of the page visitor, you can separate the sections from each other in various ways.

STEP 1 - Open layout settings

You will find the layout settings in the top right corner of each section. Click here on the screw head symbol.

STEP 2 - Open the Divider settings

Click here on the Divider option.

STEP 3 - Choose the Divider

Here you have 6 types of section division at your disposal. You can adapt each of these individually.

Example 1

Example 2

You can choose any of the dividers you want and you can edit the "height", "width", or "count" for each of them.

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