Onepage was co-developed by designers and provides you with a set of carefully selected fonts and font pairs. These fonts are matched so that you always get a consistent and beautiful design with our templates.

With Onepage you are completely free in designing your landing pages and can add and combine your own fonts from the large Google Fonts Library.

This way you can adapt your landing page to the corporate identity of your company or your customers in no time.

You can edit the fonts on a project basis so that other projects are not affected.

To edit the fonts, please follow these steps:


Log in to your account and select the desired project.


On the bottom left you can now select the editing for the design.

Click on "Design".


Click on Typography. Now you can either choose from our templates (Font pairs) or you can add a new font pair by clicking on "+ Add font pair".


If you click on "+Add font pair" you can now select the appropriate fonts and also determine the size ratio of the new design.


If you are satisfied with your settings, just click on "Save" and you can use the new font design in your project.

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