It is possible to include custom code in Onepage, both in individual sections and in entire projects or pages. In this article, you will learn how to embed code for an entire project or page.

💻 Please follow the instructions below to add code for a project or page in Onepage:


Create code
Many tools provide code that you can simply insert in Onepage. Of course, with appropriate knowledge, it is also possible to insert your own code.


Insert code
Log in to Onepage and select the project you want to edit. At the bottom left you will find the settings.

Please click on Settings.

As soon as you click on it, you will see the setting options for this page (Page Settings) in the upper area. Below that you will find the Project Settings (SEO Settings, Page Code, Track Events) .

Select "</> Page code" (1) in the project settings if you want your code to be active for the whole project (i.e. all pages of the project).

...or go to Site Settings (2) and enter your code there if you want it to affect only the currently selected page/site.

Now you can edit or paste the respective code. Please note that you should edit either the site's code OR the project's code.
❗Note: The action of copy-paste for code works only via keyboard shortcut ("CTRL + V" on Windows or "cmd + V" on Mac) and not via right-click menu.


Save and Publish
Finally, please save the changes and update the page in order to see the changes live on your landing page.

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