Onepage offers you endless design possibilities within the sections. You can add individual elements and completely customize the sections.

You can use a drop-down menu to keep your page clear and not overwhelm your site visitors with too much text. Especially for FAQs or detailed descriptions, the drop-down menu can be useful.

To add a drop-down menu to your sections, please follow these steps:

STEP 1 - Open the editing menu

Go to the menu for editing a section.

STEP 2 - Insert an element

Click on "Add element"

STEP 3 - Choose element

Choose from the options ''List" or "Toggle list"

STEP 4 - Toggle-List

After that, you have the possibility to edit this element even further.

You can see in the screenshot below the difference between a "List" and a "Toggle List". You can also transform a List into a Toggle List. The main difference is that the Toggle List has a Drop Down menu.

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