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Adding and editing sections
Adding and editing sections

Understand the basics of how to add and edit your first sections

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Adding new section

In a previous article, introduction to the editor, we learned how to add sections using a sidebar. Another way to add new sections would be to hover between two existing ones and click "+"

Just like this

The sidebar menu containing section categories appears as soon as you click. Search across them and select one for your needs.

Editing a section

This is an editing interface. We built it clean so that unnecessary interface elements won't distract you from work. However, no matter how simple the interface is, it still requires some clarification.

This is how the section above is, in fact, structured :

There are two columns with elements that fit into a section. Headline, text, and a person on the left, then an image on the right, fitting the whole column. Sections, as well as every element, have their own settings.

Now, let's understand what we can configure on a top-level, as section settings. To open them up, look at a small bar in the upper-right of your section.

To see the bar, make sure you're actually hovering over a section

We will cover all the small details about section features in further articles. For now, let's concentrate on two main ones, editing inner space and paddings.

— Inner space

It is a distance between elements within a section. How close they are to each other. By playing around with numbers, you'll realize that elements are slightly moving away from each other more and more to your taste.

Just like here on the screenshot

— Section paddings

It is a distance from a current section to the next ones above and below. You can configure these distances separately to get the desired result. The bigger are numbers, the bigger the space.

Just like here on the screenshot

We went through all of the parts of a basic section editing process. We'll continue in more detail in other articles.

Thanks for reading!

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