Publishing a page online

As soon as you're finished editing your first page, you want to finally take it live, so it becomes visible online. That's how you do it :

Hit a "publish" button in the bottom-left corner of your interface

A modal window that contains your URL appears. You can now access your page by clicking it, or with a CMD (Ctrl) + P combination.

Tip 1. If you're re-publishing your page you might sometimes see the changes don't appear right away. If this happens, try to clear your browser cache to fix the issue

Tip 2. If you want to take several pages live, repeat the process for every page, all pages within a project don't update automatically at once.

Disabling visibility for SEO

If your work is in progress and doesn't need to be indexed by Google, switch the non-indexing option to the active state beforehand.

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