We suggest applying nitrogen by NDVI management zones. We'll build three management zones for nitrogen application using the latest NDVI maps of your fields.

Why apply nitrogen by NDVI-based management zones?

NDVI zones are built based on satellite images. They reflect plants' condition at the moment the image is captured. That's why NDVI zones are the easiest and fastest way to understand how much nitrogen plants need right before applying the fertilizer.

How to create a prescription map for nitrogen application in the web app:

  1. Open the 'Fertilizers' tab in the main menu and select a field. You'll then see a fertilizer calculation menu.

  2. Enter the active ingredient percentage of the fertilizer you're going to use.

  3. Select the vegetation index date. We recommend using the latest NDVI map.

  4. The app will automatically identify three relative zones with high, moderate, and low vegetation index levels. Enter the fertilizer rates for each one.

  5. Select the onboard computer type and click 'Download file'. The app will automatically create a prescription map, and a .zip archive will be downloaded to your device.

  6. Upload it to your onboard computer and apply the fertilizers in your field!

Learn more about how to calculate nitrogen rates in our blog

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