The web app calculates the removal of phosphorus and potassium from the soil. Calculate how much fertilizer your field needs to maintain the nutrient balance.

How to calculate phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the app:

  1. Open the 'Fertilizers' tab in the main menu and select a field. A fertilizer calculation menu will open. Select the 'P, K' option. The app will start searching for cloudless satellite images to build productivity zones in the field.

  2. Specify the planned crop and yield. The planned yield should be around the average yield you get in that field.

  3. Specify the crops that were grown in the field in previous years. This will help improve the accuracy of productivity zone mapping. The app will then calculate the fertilizer rates for each of the three zones.

  4. Select the onboard computer type and click 'Download file'.

  5. The app will automatically create a prescription map for fertilizer application, and the .zip file will be downloaded to your computer. The next step is uploading it to your machinery!

How we make our calculations:

We suggest applying P and K by productivity zones, i.e., areas of the field with different yield results for multiple years. There are high-, low-, and moderate-productivity zones based on vegetation index data collected over 5 years. When calculating fertilizers by productivity zones, we don't rely on the difference in soil nutrient content. Instead, we look at how yields change in the field.

Learn more about productivity zones here.

Learn more about how P and K fertilizer doses are calculated in our blog.

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