The most likely reason for this is cloud cover. The OneSoil platform needs to process the satellite images in order to show the NDVI images in the app.

First, we get the images from the satellite. Our platform analyzes the images and identifies clouds, their shadows, and snow. The parts of the image containing these elements aren't updated on the platform. We do this so that the entire platform works right since only clear images allow you to estimate field characteristics properly. 🌱

If the image of your region passes the cloud detection test, we'll use the image to calculate the vegetation index and then display the NDVI map in OneSoil. The time between taking a satellite image of Earth and displaying the processed data is pretty short — usually about 4 hours!

You can learn more about this in our blog article.

We hope the sky clears up and that NDVI data will start updating regularly again. ☀️

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