What is OneSoil?
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OneSoil is a precision farming platform that's free to everyone and built to help you manage your fields in a more efficient way. The platform consists of the OneSoil Scouting mobile and web apps that help monitor changes in the fields, plan farming operations, increase yield, and reduce resources used.

How does OneSoil work?

The OneSoil platform is based on machine learning technologies and multispectral satellite imagery.

We started by manually outlining the boundaries of thousands of fields. After that, we used the information we collected to train our algorithm to detect boundaries on its own. You no longer need to go around your farm on a GPS-equipped ATV or order this service from specialists because OneSoil automatically determines your field's boundaries for you. Just a couple of clicks and the fields are saved to your account.

We use Sentinel-2 images to show the latest vegetation index (NDVI) map. These images clearly display chlorophyll, the pigment that makes plants green. NDVI vegetation index values for plants range from 0 to 1.

How much does it cost to use OneSoil?

OneSoil is free to use. That's our core principle. We show farmers all over the world how easy switching to precision farming is and help them transition to it. You don't need to buy expensive equipment or install complex software when you're just starting out. All you need to do to see how your fields and plants are doing is open the OneSoil web app in your browser or download the OneSoil Scouting mobile app on your smartphone.

Sounds great, but what do I do after I sign up?

Explore the OneSoil User Guide to read about how our mobile and web apps help farmers and agronomists with their tasks throughout the growing season.

Find your fields on the map, save them to your account, add your crops, and enter your crop rotation history.

Monitor plant development by looking at the changes on the NDVI maps. Select a field on the map, and it will split into different-colored sections depending on how plants are doing through the NDVI index. This data is updated every 3-5 days except for days when the field is covered by clouds.

Understand your fields better with Insights like the weather forecast, the latest NDVI updates, and tips from the OneSoil team.

Leave notes on field conditions from the office or during field scouting, with the app automatically determining your location in the field for you. This makes the OneSoil platform a convenient tool for identifying and resolving yield issues (such as pests, lodging, diseases, and other anomalies) before they become irreversible.

On what devices can I use OneSoil?

The OneSoil Scouting app is available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. You can use the handy web app on your computer through the Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

Check out this article to see what our apps can do.

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