The OneSoil Scouting mobile app will give you recommendations on the best time of the day to spray crops. To check them out, go to the 'Insights' tab and take a look at the scale at the top of the screen. The red part of the scale means that it's better not to do fieldwork, yellow means 'spray carefully', and green means 'it's a great time'.

Spraying time depends on precipitation, wind speed, air humidity, and temperature. We've already factored in all of these for you so that you can refer to the ready-made recommendations.

✅ It's a great time to spray when:

  • There's no precipitation.

  • Wind speed is below 3.5 meters/second (7.83 mph).

  • Air humidity is 60-80%.

  • Air temperature is below +18°С (64.4°F).

🤔 Spraying isn't the best idea when:

  • Precipitation is below 0.1 mm.

  • Wind speed is 3.5-7 meters/second (7.83-15.66 mph).

  • Air humidity is 40-60% or 85-95%.

  • Air temperature is +18-25°С (64.4°-77°F).

❌ Avoid spraying when:

  • Precipitation is above 0.1 mm.

  • Wind speed is above 7 m/s (15.66 mph).

  • Air humidity is below 40% or above 95%.

  • Air temperature is above 25°С (77°F).

You can check the 5-day weather forecast, wind speed, air temperature, and humidity in different areas at the top of the 'Insights' tab. We use weather data from the Dark Sky app.

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