You can easily edit targets set at any time from the Targets page. This article will take you through the steps.

In order to edit targets one OneUp, you need to be an Admin user.

Editing Targets

  1. Log into your OneUp Dashboard.

  2. Go to the Settings menu in the bottom left corner of your screen and click Targets.

  3. Near the top of the Targets page you will see a metric dropdown menu. In here, find and select the metric you're wanting to edit the target for.

  4. Once you load your chosen metric you should see coloured bars pop up next to your users' names which represent the existing targets.

  5. To amend or delete one of these, simply click into the coloured bar for the user in question and a pop out window will appear from the left of your screen.

  6. Here you can change the value, interval and date range as you please or can fully delete it by clicking the red 'Delete Target' button in the bottom left of the pop out.

Targets will display on user Dashboards, in the Matrix, on Leaderboards, and on any target based slideshows!


If you still require help on this topic, get in touch with our support team via the chat system or email support@oneupsales.co.uk.

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