It is very common that our clients will run incentives amongst their team based on individual target attainment. They will then look to the Gamify suite on OneUp and become confused when there is no obvious way to do this with Leagues, Missions or Challenges.

There is currently no pre-set 'game' to run this sort of incentive, however using a Target Leaderboard slide on the TV is the best way to display this kind of incentive!


A Target Leaderboard slide will display performance that is ranked. Rather than being ranked purely on an amount of activity or performance like our Metric Leaderboard, this option ranks players based on their percentage towards hitting their target.

There are many positives to using this form of leaderboard, a main one being that it is a good way to create a level playing field when you have a range of experience and abilities in your team.

The other great use case is this instance, when you want to run an incentive based on target attainment as provides a really visible way to track who has achieved this. The players who hit 100% or higher will turn green making it super clear who has qualified for the incentive prize!

Step-by-step Instructions

IMPORTANT: You need to be an admin on OneUp in order to edit/create TV slideshows.

  1. Ensure that you have set your users targets on the OneUp Targets page before attempting to create a Target Leaderboard. If you need help doing this, our Setting Targets article should help.

  2. Go to the circular Settings menu in the bottom left corner of the OneUp site.

  3. From the menu that appears, click Slideshows near the top.

  4. Click Edit on the slideshow you wish to add the Target Leaderboard to.

  5. In the slideshow editor window that opens, click the blue + Create Slide button in the bottom right.

  6. From the pop up window that appears, click the Leaderboard category which will roll down to reveal 3 options for Leaderboard slides.

  7. Select Target Leaderboard and work through filling in the Slide Info, Configuration and Background Image steps.

  8. Once you're finished, click Create Slide, and add your newly created leaderboard over into your live slideshow by clicking the small blue Add button in the top right of the new slide, in the slide selection pane (on the right of this page).

  9. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to save the new slide in your slideshow.


  • If your slide is not appearing, you may have forgotten to click Save Changes in the bottom right of the slideshow editor (easily missed).

  • If your targets aren't displaying as the full value you set in OneUp, this will be because it is displaying them in a pro rated fashion (i.e. if you are half way through the month you will only see your target as half of the figure). This is easily changed in the during step 6 when setting up this slide. Under the option Include future data added to OneUp during this time period? select Yes.

  • If you have No Goals for This Period Found appearing when you view your new slide, you haven't set targets in OneUp for the metric you've selected!

If you're still stuck, get in touch with one of our team via the in-app support chat or by emailing

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