The support chat icon sits in the bottom right hand corner of the page and allows you to communicate with the support team directly if you ever run into issues or have a question. If you don't require it to be shown on the page, this article will show you how to toggle the support chat icon.

By default, only Admin users can access the support chat icon.

Toggling the support icon

The toggle for the support chat icon is located at the top of the page inside the top navigation bar next to the users profile image. To toggle it, click on the blue chat icon and the chat icon in the bottom right will disappear.

The icon in the navigation bar will also turn grey, indicating that the chat icon is hidden.

OneUp will remember your preference for having the chat icon shown or hidden and automatically sets your preference when you load the site again.

Don't forget to enable it again for next time you need to reach out to us!


If you still require help on this topic, get in touch with our support team via the chat system or email

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