In-App Flashes bring the power of TV flashes right into the OneUp product. Having a day working from home or are you working in a separate space to where your OneUp TV's are located? No problem, In-App Flashes have got you covered.

An In-App Flash will fire whenever a trigger goes off where an In-App Flash is set as one of the outputs. The flash will be shown to anybody in your company who has the product open in one of their browser tabs. If the user has In-App Flashes disabled from their navbar or if the configuration for the flash specifies groups that the activity logged user is not in; the flash will not show.

Do I Need In-App Flashes?

If you would like to create higher levels of engagement amongst your team in a virtual setting then we recommend setting up In-App Flashes. Configure them to your liking and celebrate the key performance metrics that you care about.

Alternatively, you may prefer to utilise our Microsoft Teams Flash Integration to achieve a similar effect.

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