Custom anthems are a great way to personalise a celebration when a member of your team closes a deal or arranges an interview. Here's how to add to some groove to your celebrations.

Creating an audio clip

For anthems, people often use a video on YouTube to convert to mp3 and load into the platform. Bear in mind that you should only use music from non-copyrighted videos as it's illegal to rip copyrighted ones.

  1. Find your YouTube URL.

    We strongly recommend you install an adblocker before visiting - the site may have annoying pop-ups.

  2. Go to (alternatively, try if the first link does not work)

  3. Paste the YouTube URL and press Enter.

  4. Click download.

  5. Go to

  6. Upload your file.

  7. Clip the duration you want (30s recommended).

  8. Click download.

Check your mp3 file isn't too large - it can't be more than 5MB!

Try using a different cutting tool if you're having problems.

Adding a user anthem

  1. Go to OneUp and click on your profile picture in the top right of your OneUp screen.

  2. Underneath your name on the profile page, click on Edit Profile.

  3. On the left under User Settings, select Broadcast.

  4. Click Upload Audio and upload your mp3 clip!


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