Automation is a tool that helps you to automate the various parts of your sales management and motivation workflow. The tool was created to solve the problem of spending time on manual or time-consuming work that can be easily automated to save both you and the company time. When you remove the bottlenecks people have more time to focus on important activities such as selling, coaching and management.

What can Automation do?

Automation enables you to create workflows. A workflow contains:

  1. Trigger - each workflow can have 1 trigger. A trigger is what starts a workflow (eg. when a league ends...).

  2. Stages - a stage can be anything that we support (eg. fire a TV flash).

When a workflow is triggered, each stage will be run chronologically in the workflow.

How do I access Automation?

A window showing a list of workflows on the Automation page

Automation can be access via the sidebar by clicking on the Automation tab. If you cannot see the item in your sidebar this means that you do not have permission to access it. In this case, we recommend talking to your account manager or contacting us via support in the bottom right of the OneUp platform.

What is supported by Automation?

Automation is always growing as we continue to add new modules to the system. Below is a list of the currently supported triggers and stages. If you have an idea for a new module or want to see part of your manual workflow automated, let us know by submitting a new idea.


  • When a league ends

  • At a scheduled date/time...


  • Fire a TV flash

  • Send a Matrix report

How do I create a workflow?

A window showing the 'Create new workflow' modal on the page

To create a workflow:

  1. Click the 'Create Workflow' button in the top right of the page.

  2. Select a trigger event - the event you want your workflow to start running on.

  3. Give the workflow a name - we recommend giving it a semantic name

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