The TV Flash action allows you to send out information to be displayed on your OneUp TV slideshows. This action is perfect for keeping everybody in the loop by sharing information around the office.

Trigger-Aware Flashes

The TV Flash action is trigger-aware, which means that the visual display of the flash on the TV will change based upon the trigger you choose on your workflow. Listed below are the different TV flashes that will show based upon the chosen trigger.

'When a league ends' trigger - League End TV Flash

Learn how to set up this trigger

A TV flash showing the league end leaderboard summary

Any other trigger - Generic TV Flash

A TV flash showing an after work beers social


Due to this stage being a trigger-aware flash, the fields shown will change based upon the trigger you select for your workflow. The different fields are broken down below.

Fields On All Variations




Flash on all active slideshows?

Choose whether you would like a TV flash to fire on every active slideshow or a select number of your active slideshows.


Slideshows to show on

Select the slideshows that you would like the TV flash to show on.

Note: this field only shows when 'Flash on all active slideshows?` is toggled off.

Main Office

Fields On Generic TV Flashes





The title you'd like to appear. This would be in place of the 'After Work Beers' in the example above.

After work beers


The title you'd like to appear. This would replace the long body text in the example above.

We'll be meeting in the lobby after work for...

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