You want to use Gamification on OneUp to motivate your team and drive performance in specific areas? Here is some inspiration based on leagues, mission and challenges commonly run by our clients in recruitment:


  • Annual revenue mission (whole team)

  • Quarterly revenue mission (whole team)

  • Mission for a specific metric that you want to drive

  • Team missions e.g. candidates added in a month for resourcers

  • Private / individual missions (e.g. revenue target to unlock pay rise)


  • Spin the wheel - weekly/monthly points leagues

  • BD activity focussed comps e.g. power hour challenges, BD activity leagues ('BD Legends')

  • Specific metric focussed leagues

  • Current tournament themed leagues (e.g. Rugby world cup, Golf, Euros etc.)

  • Top of funnel activity league followed by an outcomes focussed league for generating the most business. The top few consultants from the 1st round can qualify for the 2nd league with a better prize!

  • Call time and dial out leagues

  • Contract vs Perm team based league

  • 'Rookie League' for the new starters

  • CRM usage leagues (pushing the activity that you want you consultants to be logging in the system)

  • Resourcer leagues and consultant leagues running alongside one another

  • Sales day leagues (BD activity focus all day)


  • Power hour challenges

  • Challenges based qualifying round where the winner of each challenge qualifies to compete in the league with a big prize up for grabs

Leaderboards (TVs)

  • Lunch club run via the target leaderboard

  • Holiday incentive run via the target leaderboard

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