Sometimes a user can exist on one of your integrations but not on OneUp. It's super easy to quickly create new OneUp users based on users in your other systems.

We call users that exist on other platforms integration users. You can read more about integration users here.

Creating a new user from an integration user

1. Navigate to your Users page

Click on the round settings button in the bottom left of your OneUp and select Users from the menu.

2. Create a new user

Create users dropdown with two options; 'From unlinked integration accounts' and 'manually'

In the top right of the screen, click Create Users and select the 'From Unlinked Integration Accounts' option.

3. Enter the new user's email, forename and surname

Enter the new user's email as it appears in your CRM. If we can, we'll auto-guess the forename and surname using some of our magic dust

When you enter the email, the table below in Step 2 will attempt to suggest relevant accounts for the user you're trying to create (as shown by the red arrow above).

To connect an integration account, click select on the right side of the table.

4. Review connection status

At the bottom of the modal we show you the accounts we would expect the user to be linked to. You do not have to link all integrations, however, we do advise it to avoid data-related issues in the future.

For example, from the linked accounts, we can see that Bullhorn and CloudCall are two integrations that some users have connected. We can see that the user is linked to Bullhorn but is not yet linked to CloudCall.

5. Create the user

Finally, you can create the user. We give you two options (shown in the red box above):

  • Create - creates one user and closes the window

  • Create and add another - creates the user and keeps the window open if you need to add another


My linked account isn't appearing, why?

If the account does not appear in the list of accounts it's likely that your integration is either not connected or no activity has yet been logged for the account.

💡 We only record a linked account when we receive some data for the account from your integration

I want to create a user without any linked accounts, how do I do that?

If you just want to create a OneUp user, you can either select Manually in step 2 or simply don't select any linked accounts in the modal shown throughout this document.

Troubleshooting ✨

If you still require help on this topic, get in touch with our support team via the chat system or email

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