A linked account holds all the performance attributed to an account on a connected integration. When performance is recorded on your integration, we make a copy of the performance on our side and store it against an account.

This ensures we always have the data for your integration accounts.

Simply put, an account contains all of the data we've received for a user on a third-party system that is connected to OneUp.

OneUp Users ⬅️ Linked Accounts

A OneUp user can have multiple accounts. If an account is linked to a OneUp user, we'll show data against that user on the platform for the connected accounts.

✅ A user may have multiple linked accounts

✅ We store data against an account regardless of whether the account is linked to a user on OneUp

❌ An account may not be linked to multiple users

How can I see a user's linked accounts?

User row on the users page

Linked accounts can be viewed on the Users page under the Linked Accounts column. To view a user's linked accounts, click on the number of accounts in the column.

Troubleshooting ✨

If you still require help on this topic, get in touch with our support team via the chat system or email support@oneupsales.co.uk.

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