Users can be created manually (as opposed to from an unlinked integration account) on OneUp from the Users page.

A manually created user will not have any linked accounts associated with them. This is ideal in the scenario where you want a user to exist on OneUp that is not connected and does not show any performance data from your third-party systems.

💡 If you want to create a user that pulls data from your integrations, read this article.

Creating a new user manually

1. Navigate to your Users page

Click on the round settings button in the bottom left of your OneUp and select Users from the menu.

2. Select 'Manually' from the create user dropdown

In the top right, click on the button 'Create Users' and select 'Manually' from the options that appear.

3. Select a user type

Specify what type you would like the created user(s) to have. There are two options:

  • Full User - A full user can have data viewed against them, used in competitions and be targeted against

  • Observer User - A user that can view other users performance data but not have their own performance data inspected

🚨 Creating additional full users may affect your billing

4. Enter user information

Enter the user(s) email, forename and surname. If you are adding more than one user, click 'Add Row' below the fields.

5. Invite the user

By default we invite all new users to OneUp. You can toggle this by using the toggle shown above.

5. Create user

Once you're happy with the user(s) in the modal simply click 'Create' and they'll become users on the platform 🎉

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