8x8 works by sending us automated CSVs once a day which we then turn into call data on the OneUp platform. In order to get this working, you can set up the following call report from the Analytics area in your 8x8.

  1. Log in to your 8x8 and select the Analytics option from your Application Panel.

2. In the top right of the new page that opens, click the arrow and select Schedule Report Emails from the dropdown list.

3. Click New at the top right of the page.

4. Enter the following information:

  • Schedule Name: OneUp Daily Report

  • Report: Extension Summary

  • Report Date Range: Yesterday

  • Timezone - Europe/London

  • Site/Department: any relevant

  • To: the email address that was sent to you by your CSM, which can also be found in your Onboarding Document.

  • Attachment: CSV Only

  • Frequency: Daily

  • Ends: Never

5. Click Schedule.

6. Click the Inactive tab below the Scheduled emails title.

7. Click the report icon to activate the report you just created.

This creates a report that will be sent to us daily containing the previous day's calls.


If you still require help on this topic, get in touch with our support team via the chat system or email support@oneupsales.co.uk.

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