Demo dashboard showing individual mode

The dashboard allows you to track performance data at the individual, team and company level using the much-loved dashboard style with colour coded target dials, activity cards and incentive overviews.

In this article, we'll cover some commonly asked questions.

How do I enable the different dashboard modes?

The team and company modes can be enabled via the permissions page. The table below shows a breakdown of the available permissions.



View Company Dashboard

View the company dashboard.

View All Team Dashboards

Users will be able to see the team tab and select any team from the dropdown list.

View Own Team Dashboard

Users will be able to view the team tab but will only be able to view teams that they are a part of.

How do I change the target team on the dashboard?

When the dashboard is on team mode the dropdown list to the right of the tabs will show the available teams. Select the team you would like to display from the dropdown list.

You must have the View All Team Dashboards permission enabled

What do the targets at team and company level represent?

When viewing the dashboard in team or company mode, the targets will represent an aggregate for any users in the team or company that have a target in the selected date range.

For example, we have a team called The Lions that has two members; Liam and Sarah. Liam has a target of 50 calls per week, and Sarah has a target of 20 calls per week. Viewing the team dashboard for The Lions would show a combined call target of 70 calls.


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