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How are Ratio Metrics Calculated?
How are Ratio Metrics Calculated?

Understand the calculations happening behind the conversion metrics in your OneUp

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When viewing your ratio metrics in OneUp, you may be wondering how we've used individual ratios to calculate a team or company total ratio, especially if your users have data but the total ratio is reading 0:0. The article below explains how ratios are calculated from your performance data.

Individual Ratios

Individual ratios are calculated using the total performance for each metric, simplified to provide a X : 1 value.

For example, if a user sent 8 CVs and made 2 placements last week, this will be a ratio of 4 : 1.

This ratio says that, according to last week's performance, the user needs to send 4 CVs in order to make 1 placement.

I've recorded data, but my ratio is 0 : 0!

This means that one of the metrics included in the ratio does not have any data.

In the example above, 6 CVs have been sent, but no placements have been made. Without data recorded for both metrics, a ratio calculation cannot be performed and the value will show as 0 : 0.

It's also a common misconception that a ratio should display as 0:1 if there is no data against it.

A 0:1 ratio would tell you that adding 0 of the first metric would result in 1 of the output metric, which means this would be an infinite ratio, which isn't possible.

Team/Company Total Ratios

Team or company ratios are calculated using the performance totals for each metric included in the ratio.

Looking at the example below, it's a common misconception to think that the total ratio should be calculated as 23.5 : 4 or 5.875 : 1.

However, total ratios must be calculated using the CVs Sent and Placement totals, rather than summing the ratios resulting from those values.

We recommend adding the individual metrics that make up the ratio as columns next to it in the Matrix. This way, you can see the metric totals being used to calculate the ratio.

Looking at the total for CVs Sent and for Total Placements for all users, it's now clear that the team ratio is 38 : 6, which simplifies to 6.33 : 1.

This ratio says that the team needs to send 6.33 CVs to make 1 placement, according to last week's performance.

Troubleshooting ✨

If you still require help on this topic, get in touch with our support team via the chat. We'll be happy to help! πŸ’™

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