Getting Started

How to get set up on Ongoing

Subscription Group

Create, edit and delete a subscription group

Subscription Plan

Create, edit and delete subscription plans

Subscription Product

Create, edit and delete subscription products

Subscription Orders - Merchant Dashboard

Track, edit & cancel customer subscription orders

Subscription Discounts

Offer a reduced price for repeat orders

Subscriber Portal

Customer portal for managing subscription orders

Subscription Inventory

How to reserve goods for subscription orders

Subscription Billing

Automatic recurring payments

Advanced Features

Curent functionality & roadmap

Uninstall Ongoing

Instructions for how to remove and uninstall Repeat Kit

Shopify App Extension

How to use Ongoing app extension within Shopify admin dashboard

Subscription Shipping & Delivery

Managing shipping rates and fulfillment

Subscription Billing

Everything you need to know about recurring charges

Emails & Notifications

Dunning Management for merchants & subscribers


How to translate Ongoing into preferred language



Subscription Policy

Digital Subscription Products

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways compatible with Ongoing Subscriptions

Shopify Checkout

Build a Box

How to offer a Build a Subscription Box on your Shopify store

Subscription Widget



Reporting & Analytics

Shopify Discount Codes



Shopify Customer Accounts