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What is a subscription plan?
What is a subscription plan?
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A subscription plan is a purchase option.

A subscription plan lets you choose how often a product can be delivered. This is called “delivery frequency” For example, weekly delivery.

A subscription plan also gives you the ability to add a percentage discount. For example, 10% off

A subscription plan allows you to:

  • Offer various delivery frequencies

  • Set up customer billing options

  • Choose subscription discount (optional)

  • Associate products to these subscription plans

A subscription group can have a single subscription plan or multiple (For example: weekly, monthly, and quarterly plans)

Customers will see subscription plans on the product page.

Here's an example of a Shopify store using Ongoing and how their subscription widget looks on the Shopify Dawn theme.

Subscription Plan Example:

Tony sells subscriptions for his coffee online using Ongoing

He creates a subscription group named “Dark Roast Coffee Bag”

In this group, he created three subscription plans.

Subscription plan 1: “Weekly Delivery”

Subscription plan 2: “Monthly Delivery ”

Subscription plan 3: “Quarterly Delivery”

He added a product “Dark Roast Coffee” to this subscription group and clicked Save.

Customers can now buy this product with the subscription options of weekly, monthly and quarterly.

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