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What is a subscription group?
What is a subscription group?
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A subscription group is the perfect way to let customer buy products or services on a recurring basis.

A subscription group allows you to:

  • Offer various delivery frequencies

  • Set up customer billing options

  • Choose subscription discount (optional)

  • Associate products to these subscription plans

How it works

First you would create the group, and then add products to that group. You can add multiple plans for delivery frequency and discount options to offer to customers.

A subscription group is a collection of subscription plans and products.

For example a subscription plan could be “Weekly delivery - 15% discount"

A subscription group could contain multiple subscription plans:

  • Weekly delivery, 15 % discount

  • Monthly delivery, 10% discount

  • Quarterly delivery, 5% discount

All of these subscription plans are a part of the subscription group.

They will be displayed together on the product page for the customer to choose from.


Tony sells subscriptions for his coffee online using Ongoing.

Tony creates a subscription group named “Dark Roast Coffee Bag”

In this group, he created three subscription plans options.

  • Subscription plan 1: “Weekly Delivery, 15% discount”

  • Subscription plan 2: “Monthly Delivery . 10% discount”

  • Subscription plan 3: “Quarterly Delivery, 5% discount”

He added a product “Dark Roast Coffee” to this subscription group and clicked Save.

Customers can now buy this product with the subscription options of weekly, monthly and quarterly and get a discount.

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