When you create a subscription plan, you can add a discount.

A subscription discount is a reduced price for recurring orders. For example, 10% off discount for monthly subscriptions.

  • Percentage discount takes a percent off the total item. For example, 10% off

  • Discount will be applied on product page, cart page, and check-out

  • Buy X Get Y discounts aren't supported by subscription

If you don't have a subscription group already created:

  1. From Ongoing, click on Subscription Groups

2. Click New Group to create a new subscription group

3. Give your subscription group a name. Click Add Plan.

4. Check the box Enable Discounts and add your discount.

When finished entering details, click Add New Plan to save your plan.

NOTE: Make sure to give your plan a name, and select delivery/billing frequency.

5. Click Save on your new group.

Subscription discounts shown under the Plans column of your Subscription Group

How to Add Subscription Discount to Existing Subscription Group?

  1. Click on Subscription Groups

  2. Click on the subscription group you want to manage

  3. Click on the Plan you want to edit OR add a discount to

  4. Click Enable Discounts

  5. Enter your Discount and click save

To learn more about editing a subscription plan, click here

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