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How Customers Can Swap Products in the Ongoing™️ Subscriber Portal
How Customers Can Swap Products in the Ongoing™️ Subscriber Portal
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Yes, Product swapping is available with Ongoing subscriptions.

Subscribers can swap out products on the Ongoing subscriptions Subscriber Portal.

Product swapping allows customers to change products in their subscription order.

For example, a customer might want to change a subscription for a Dark Roast Coffee to a French Roast Coffee.

This advanced feature is available on the Subscriber Portal so customers can have the flexibility of making changes to their subscription order without contacting the merchant.

How Product Swapping in Ongoing™️ Subscriptions Works

Example: Let's say the customer wanted to switch from Merlot Wine to Red Wine.

The customer simply clicks Swap Product in the Ongoing Subscriber Portal

Then the customer selects a new Product they want by clicking Select

The customer will click Select to proceed forward with the swap

The customer will confirm their product swap by clicking Yes, continue

The customer will see a success message appear on the Subscriber Portal

In the Ongoing Subscriber Portal, the newly swapped product will appear.

How Product Swapping Works For Ongoing™️ Build a Box

The customer simply clicks Edit Bundle on the Ongoing Subscriber Portal

This will then open up the Build a Box page where they can customize their next order.

Example: Customer removes 1 of the Choco Cream Donuts & adds one Pink Dream Donut instead.

All the customer has to do is click Save Changes & that's it!

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