The customer portal provides a dashboard to your customers to self-manage their subscriptions.

It lets customers track their subscriptions orders and manage billing in one convenient location.

Your customers are automatically enrolled in the customer portal and no login is required (they'll be sent a magic link via email).

Customers can also update or change their subscription info such as:

  • change payment information

  • edit billing address

  • view shipping address

  • view subscription product(s)

  • find next order date

  • pause subscription

  • cancel subscription

  • see last order status

  • view order history

  • find subscription number

  • view subscription status

  • view price and quantity

  • view subscription plan

  • view next billing date

  • subscription start date

  • merchant's subscription policy

  • view delivery frequency

  • view billing frequency

  • subscription fulfillment status

How your Customers can Access the Customer Portal

There are 3 ways your customer can access the customer portal.

1.) On the Order Status Page there's a "Manage subscription on customer portal" button with a magic link to customer portal. This link works automatically, no login required.

2. ) Customers automatically get emailed post purchase with a magic link to customer portal. This link works automatically, no login required.

Note: The email will be white labeled with your store info, not our app name.

3.) If they signed up for an account with your store, they can login to customer portal on your store as well. A new page gets created on your website where subscribers can access their customer portal.

If they don't have an account on your store, they won't see customer portal there, but they can use method #1 and #2 to access the customer portal automatically with a magic link . (No login required)

How Merchants can Access the Customer Portal

You are welcome to create a "test order" for a subscription product if you would like to have a first hand experience of the customer portal.

Once you've created your test order, you'll be emailed a "magic link" to the customer portal.

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