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The Best Subscriber Portal for Subscriptions - Ongoing™️ Subscriptions for Shopify
The Best Subscriber Portal for Subscriptions - Ongoing™️ Subscriptions for Shopify

Your customers can track & manage subscription orders on their own

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The Subscriber Portal provides a dashboard for your customers to self-manage their subscriptions.

It lets customers track their subscription orders and manage billing in one convenient location.

Your customers are automatically enrolled in the Subscriber Portal, and get instant access to it as soon as they purchase a subscription product on your store.

The Ongoing Subscriber Portal is 100% password-less & authenticates them based on if they ordered a subscription.

If a customer buys a product on your store, they get a welcome email with a link that takes them straight to the Subscriber Portal (no password or login needed)

No login is required (your customer will be sent a magic link via email).

A Shopify customer account registration is not required for the Ongoing Subscriber Portal to work.

Customers can also update or change their subscription, such as:

  • Pause subscription

  • Cancel subscription

  • Skip Next Order

  • Change Quantity

  • Add Subscription Product

  • Remove Subscription Product

  • Swap Subscription Products

  • Update Payment Method

  • Swap Payment Method

  • Edit shipping address

  • Off-boarding Survey for Cancellation

  • View subscription product(s)

  • Find the next order date

  • See last order status

  • View order history

  • Find subscription number

  • View subscription status

  • View price and quantity

  • View subscription plan

  • View next billing date

  • Subscription start date

  • Edit billing address

  • Swap Payment Method

  • Update Payment Method

  • Merchant's subscription policy

  • View delivery frequency

  • View billing frequency

  • Subscription fulfillment status

  • Change Frequency

How your Customers can Access the Subscriber Portal

There are 5 ways your customer can access the Subscriber portal.

1.) On the Order Status Page, there's a "Manage subscription on Subscriber portal" button with a magic link to the Subscriber Portal. This link works automatically, no login or password is required.

Ongoing authenticates the user based on whether they've purchased a subscription product.

2. ) Customers automatically get a Welcome email with a magic link to the Subscriber portal.

The Subscriber Portal link works automatically.

No login or password is required. required.

Note: The email will be white-labeled with your store info, not our app name.

3.) Customers can automatically request a One-Time Magic Link Email by entering their email associated with the subscription order.

In the Ongoing app → under Settings → Customer Portal, we provide merchants with a custom Subscriber Portal link specific to their store.

Merchants can link to this page anywhere on your site to make it super easy for customers to have yet another way to login to their subscriber portal.

We recommend adding the Subscriber Portal link to the top of your Homepage & footer of your website & naming it "Manage Subscriptions"

4.) Ongoing automatically sends out Renewal emails to subscribers to remind them about an upcoming subscription order.

Subscribers get sent out every billing cycle reminding customers that they have an upcoming automatic charge.

If customers want to make changes their subscription, they are given a magic link to the Subscriber Portal.

5) If customers have created a Shopify customer account with your store, they can see the Subscriber Portal inside the Shopify accounts page as well.

If the customer does not have a Shopify customer account with your store, they can still access the Ongoing Subscriber Portal automatically with the options above.

(No login or password is required to access the Ongoing Subscriber Portal)

How Merchants can Preview the Subscriber Portal

Merchants can view a Subscriber Portal Preview inside the Ongoing app.

This lets merchants see what it looks like for customers & how it works (feel free to play around with it!)

Ongoing ➡ Settings ➡ Customer Portal ➡ Preview Single Subscription

How Merchants can Test the Work Flow of the Customer Portal

We always recommend you place a "test order" for a subscription product to ensure everything works properly with your other apps, shipping costs, etc.

Placing a test order also lets you experience the Subscriber portal first-hand.

Once you've created your test order, you'll be emailed a "magic link" to the Subscriber portal.

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