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How can my customers track & manage their subscriptions?
How can my customers track & manage their subscriptions?
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Subscribers automatically get access to the customer Portal.

On the Customer Portal, customers can manage and edit their subscriptions.

1) Any customer who purchases a subscription will automatically receive an email from Ongoing with a magic link. This link will take them to the Subscriber Portal. Customers do not need to create an account to access the Ongoing Subscriber Portal and no password is required.

2) If customers have an account with your store, they can automatically see the customer portal there.

3) Your customers can also access the customer portal through the order status page (aka: thank you page).

4) Customers can also use the Magic link technique to gain access to their customer portal whenever they need

Merchants can preview the customer portal and see what the experience might be like by going to Ongoing -- Settings -- Customer Portal

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