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Getting Started with Ongoing Subscriptions
Getting Started with Ongoing Subscriptions

3 easy steps to start selling subscriptions on your store

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πŸ”₯ Step 1: Create a subscription group & plan

In Ongoing, go to Subscription Groups. Click Create Group

Give your Subscription Group a name

Click Add Plan.

Fill out the details & click Add New Plan to save.

You can add more than one plan to a group. In this example, I added 3 subscription plans to the group.

⚑️ STEP 2: Add a Product to Your Subscription Group

Now you just need to add a product to your group!

Click Add Products

Select product(s) & click Add Selected Products.

Trying to add a product variant? See our guide here.

Click Save Group

πŸ”† Step 3: Publish Subscription Widget

Depending on the theme you are using there are 2 different ways to do this.

We recommend clicking on Getting Started section on our Ongoing app, and looking at Step 3.

It will either say "Click publish" which means you're using a legacy theme OR it will say to add in an "app block" which means you're using the new 2.0 Theme.

For Legacy Themes:

Automatically publish the widgets and other required snippets.

This will make Ongoing subscription products visible on your store.

Under Getting Started, click Publish

πŸ”₯ If you are using an OS 2.0 Theme (like the Shopify Dawn theme) follow these different instructions here to add an "app block".

You can also watch our video below.

πŸŽ‰ CONGRATS! You're all done setting up your first subscription product.

Navigate to a subscription product, & the subscription widget should be displaying.

To view product, click "View on Store" under Products Tab on the subscription group.

Don't see a subscription widget appearing? Double check all steps above.

Example of what a subscription product looks like with Ongoing on Dawn Theme.

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