If you are seeing a banner that says "Subscription Eligibility Error" on Ongoing, this means Shopify has not marked this store as being eligible for subscriptions.

Official instructions on Shopify

But don't worry, this is easy to fix.

To use subscriptions, you must be using one of the following gateways as your payment gateway:

  1. On your store's Shopify admin dashboard, click on Settings.

2. Click on Payments.

3. Click on Activate Shopify Payments

NOTE: Remember you can also use Authorize.net, Paypal Express Checkout, or Stripe

4. Fill out the information and click Complete Setup

5. Enter all your company's financial details on the Shopify Payments screen and click Complete Account Setup

6. Once you've completed the above steps, Shopify Payments will been successfully activated under Settings --> Payments.

7. Refresh Ongoing app screen, and the eligibility error should no longer be visible.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email and we can help you out!

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