How do I offer multiple quantity options with subscriptions?

Let's say Fred wanted to sell sourdough bread. And he wanted customers to choose the amount of loaves they wanted to subscribe to per week.

Here's how he would you go about creating this subscription.

NOTE: In this example below, I'm not using subscription discounts.

If you have subscription discounts, we recommend removing the one-time purchase this way the customer can only get the discount if they subscribe.

If you are looking to do quantity discounts, checkout this article instead.

On Shopify Admin:

Step 1: On the Shopify admin dashboard, you set up your product.

Step 2: And then you would add the variants

Don't forget to price your variants, and add Quantity available.

In Ongoing App:

Step 3: On Ongoing Subscriptions app, you'll create a Subscription group.

Step 4: Next, click Add Plan and create a subscription plan.

Step 5: Click Add Product, and select the product.

Should look something like this. Click Save

Okay all done!

Let's take a look at our product and make sure the subscription widget is appearing.

And when I click on the drop down menu for Options to see the variants, I can select any of them and the price changes correctly.

If you aren't seeing a subscription widget appear, you'll need to click PUBLISH on Ongoing. And make sure you are Eligible for selling subscriptions.

If you are using the DAWN theme or any OS 2.0 compatible Theme, you'll want to follow our guide here.

Feel free to email or message us anytime if you need help setting your subscription products. 😉

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