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How to change text displayed in subscription widget
How to change text displayed in subscription widget
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Yes you can easily change the text displayed in the subscription widget.

PRO TIP: For international stores not using English, you can use this to replace the text with your language.

Legacy Themes (not 2.0):

Step 1: From Ongoing, click Settings and then Subscription Widget

Step 2: Type in your new custom text. You can replace the text to say whatever you would like it to display

Step 3: Click Save

2.0 Themes (such as Dawn):

Step 1

From Shopify Admin, under Online Sales click on Themes

Step 2

Click Customize on your Live Theme.

Step 3

From the drop down menu click on Product, then Default Product.

Step 4

In the Product Information section, click on Subscription Plans (this is the Ongoing app "block")

Step 5

In the left hand-side of the screen you can type in your new custom text in the text fields, and click Save.

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