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How do I know when to send out a subscription order?
How do I know when to send out a subscription order?

Where to find fulfillment & shipping information for subscription orders

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Question: When will I know that a subscription has been paid and I need to send out an order? Will it automatically trigger a sale in my shop?

ANSWER: Ongoing will never have you ship out something without it being paid for. Ongoing will always charge the customer first and THEN create an order on Shopify.

When someone buys a subscription product for the first time or their subscription renews, it will automatically charge them and THEN immediately create an order.

Ongoing will generate an order in your Shopify ➡ Orders

Filter your orders by the fulfillment status unfulfilled & partially-fulfilled

This will show you all subscription orders that are ready to ship out.

Subscription order status can be viewed on the Shopify admin dashboard under Orders to see when to mail out packages.

Once a subscription order has been successfully paid for, Shopify will schedule the order to be fulfilled.

Unfulfilled means it hasn't been shipped out

Fulfilled means it has been shipped

Partially-fulfilled means it's a prepaid subscription with future scheduled fulfillments

On Shopify Orders, you can view Next Fulfillment dates and Fulfill On dates.

It will also show which orders are Scheduled for the future.

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