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Is Local Pickup or Local Delivery available for subscriptions on Shopify?
Is Local Pickup or Local Delivery available for subscriptions on Shopify?

Workarounds to offer local pickup or delivery on subscription products

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Currently, Shopify does not allow local pickup or local delivery for subscriptions.

This is a Shopify limitation.

Unfortunately, no subscription app on Shopify at this time will be able to support local pickup or local delivery for subscription products, as Shopify does not allow it.

The good news is Shopify is planning to release local pickup and local delivery for subscriptions in Q4 of 2022 (coming soon!)

In the meantime, subscription products will only work with normal shipping. So a customer can still checkout with the subscription product, and go through the normal checkout flow, it will let them enter a shipping address and local delivery will be disabled on subscription products.

Shopify Limitations:

  • Shopify will display only one shipping rate at checkout for subscriptions

  • Shopify will display the cheapest shipping rate for subscriptions

  • Shopify will say Local Pickup & Local Delivery are not available

So now what?

The good news is you can still use the "SHIP" section under Delivery Method to offer local pickup or local delivery (by using the trick below!)

Here is a workaround to bypass this Shopify limitation:

Workaround: Use a Shopify App like Zapiet - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ⭐️

  • Good option if: your business depends on local pickup or local delivery and you can't live without it so you're willing to pay for a paid app to get the job done.

  • Great if you have lots of subscription products you want to offer this on.

  • The beauty of this solution is it will allow the customer to choose between regular shipping options OR local delivery OR local pickup. And you can offer all 3 (shipping / local delivery / store pickup) on the same product!

    • βœ… What to do: You could use an app to offer zip-code-specific zones for shipping rates.

    • The app we've seen to work best is called Zapiet (for both local pickup & local delivery).

    • Disclosure: This is a paid app, and not associated with Ongoing. We just heard it worked really well for lots of our merchants so it might be worth looking into which solution is going to work best for your business for the time being.

Local pickup and delivery is something Shopify is currently working around the clock to make available for customers who have subscriptions.

We are excited about Shopify making this update, and can keep you posted. Shopify says the ETA is sometime in the second half of 2022.

Always make sure to test out your shipping settings by pretending you are the customer, go to your website, add the product to the cart, enter the info and see what displays.

Do you have any questions about your Shopify shipping settings for subscription products?

Feel free to email the Ongoing Subscriptions app support team here and we would be happy to assist you.


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