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✅ How to Add the ONGOING subscription widget to your 2.0 Theme (like Dawn)
✅ How to Add the ONGOING subscription widget to your 2.0 Theme (like Dawn)

How to add Ongoing "app block" into any 2.0 Theme (such as Dawn)

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Shopify has just released a big update called OS 2.0 which will be a huge improvement on the way themes and apps work with your store.

In this article we are going to show you how you can easily install our Ongoing Subscriptions App in your theme with the Shopify 2.0 drag and drop block system.

Simply follow these steps to add our "app block" to your theme.

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1. Adding Ongoing App Block to your Theme

After you've installed Ongoing and created some subscription plans using our app, you won't see the app working on your product page. This is because you also need to add Ongoing Subscriptions to your theme.

In this example, I am using the default Dawn theme.

From Online Store, click Themes

You will see your active theme listed, now just click Customize

Select Products from the top drop down menu that says Homepage.

Select Default product.

On the Default Product page, click "Add Block" in the Product Information section.

You will see "Subscription Plans" Ongoing Subscriptions pop up, click this.

Our app block will be added to the Product Information section.

You will see our logo next to Subscription Plans, use the drag and drop to position the block where you want. We like it above the quantity selector.

Click Save and you're all done!

3. Test it out on your Live Store!

Now, visit your product page to see our app Ongoing Subscriptions has been added successfully to your store.

Having issues or need help? Contact us.

Reasons why the Block May Not Appear:

  • Inventory is 0 or Out of stock - How to Fix inventory levels

  • Not eligible for subscriptions - How to Fix Eligibility Issues

  • Product in "Draft" mode - Set to "Active" mode on Shopify

  • Not using compatible OS 2.0 Theme - Ask your theme developer

  • Are you viewing a non-subscription product? If so, click "Change Product" on upper-left hand corner and choose a subscription product

  • Are you viewing the product in "Preview Mode"? That doesn't work. Go to the direct product page URL (you can access this from Ongoing)

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