Yes, you can change the price of a line item on an existing subscription contract.

You can change the line item price if you have an active subscription.

The "line item" is the product price that considers many different factors to get to that calculation, such as discounts.

IMPORTANT: When you enter a new "line item" price, this will override the existing price, and subscription plan discounts will no longer apply.

Example: If you had a product that is $10 with 10% off, the line item price is $9. If you changed the line item price from $9 to $11 then $11 would be the new price + shipping.

  • This will change the price of the product on a recurring basis.

  • The price you enter in the line item is the price they will pay + shipping.

  • Shipping should NOT be included in your new line item price, as shipping is calculated separately and will be in addition to the line item price you enter

Once you’ve done this, the customer will pay the new price on their next recurring bill.

This new feature is helpful for merchants looking to update the price on a subscription.

We recommend notifying your customer and making sure they are okay with this updated price before changing it.

To use this new feature, follow the steps below.

  1. From Ongoing, click Subscriptions

  2. Click on the subscription you want to manage

  3. Under Subscription Products click Edit

4. On Price per Unit, update the price. Click Save

NOTE: We always recommend merchants be very upfront in their product description of how they will charge the customer for the subscription product/service.

And that way, when the customer gets to the checkout and clicks the little checkmark that they consent to buy a subscription, it's transparent to them what to expect with no surprises.

You can create a subscription policy and display it on your website.

We recommend always sending an email to your customer to get consent before you do any type of price change, to make sure they agree (especially before increasing a price on them.)

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