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How to Edit Email Templates
How to Edit Email Templates
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As a merchant, you can edit the automatic email sent to subscribers.

How to Edit Email Template

  1. From Ongoing, click on Settings

  2. Click Emails

  3. Click on the email template you would like to edit

  4. Change text to say whatever you would like and click Save

The default email template gets sent out automatically with every subscription order.

The email is white-labeled as your shop and provides a customer portal link.

This email gives your customer the information they need to manage their subscriptions.

The Ongoing email template also contains the following variables:

  • [subscription_number]

  • [customer_first_name]

  • [customer_full_name]

  • [store_link]

  • [support_email]

We recommend keeping this information in the email templates for optimal performance.

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