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How to bill your customer now with "Force Billing Attempt"
How to bill your customer now with "Force Billing Attempt"

Useful if customer wants to receive subscription product early

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That feature is currently undergoing maintenance.

In the meantime, as a merchant, you can change the next billing date to tomorrow, which will make the order get created asap.

Ongoing —> Subscriptions —> click on the subscription # of your customer --> change next billing date

Does your customer want to receive their item early? Did your customer run out early and need another shipment ASAP? No problem.

Ongoing has a feature called “Force Billing Attempt” which allows the merchant to bill the customer immediately.

This will charge the customer earlier than their next automated scheduled billing, and trigger the subscription order to be sent out immediately.

This is great if you have a customer that will be out of town and just wants to receive their package earlier than normal.

It’s also perfect if the customer ran out of the product a bit earlier than expected and wants to receive it now vs. later.


1. From Ongoing, click Subscriptions.

2. Click the subscription # you want to manage.

3. Under the Billing Attempts section, click Force Billing Attempt

4. Read through our guidelines, and click Yes, Bill Immediately

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