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How to Create a Customer Tag on Ongoing Subscriptions
How to Create a Customer Tag on Ongoing Subscriptions

Tagging customers can help segment & organize subscribers

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With customer tagging, merchants can easily identify which customers are subscribed to a specific subscription group.

There are lots of benefits to using customer tagging.

Customer Tag Benefits

  • Be able to identify and isolate customers who are subscribed to a certain subscription product

  • This can help you segment and organize these customers for different marketing campaigns or simply for making your fulfillment process smoother.

  • Great for memberships as you can use the customer tag "member" and if they are a paying member, they will have the tag and if they are not, the tag will be removed

  • On your Shopify Customers section, you can filter by this customer tag and pull up all customers with this specific tag.

Customer Tag Example

Let’s suppose I have a subscription group called “Candle of the Month Club”.

Now I can add a customer tag called “candle_box_subscriber” onto this subscription group.

This would allow me to see which customers are subscribed to this group.

So anybody who purchases a subscription plan that belongs to this group would get tagged with the customer tag “candle_box_subscriber”.

Customer Tag Format

The format of the customer tag is to separate each word with an underscore. Best to keep it short and use all lowercase for readability.

How to Use Customer Tag on Ongoing Subscriptions

  1. From Ongoing, click on Subscription Groups

  2. Click on the group you want to manage

  3. Click on the Settings tab of that group, and under Customer Tag, you can add your unique tag

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