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Remove product from subscription order for customer
Remove product from subscription order for customer

How to remove a product from your existing subscription order

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You can remove a product to an existing subscription order.

This feature allows your customer to remove products from their subscription order that they no longer want to subscribe to.

  • Lets customers make changes to their subscription order to reduce refund requests, cancellations, and charge-backs

  • Provides convenience for customer to be able to change their order and remove items they don't want to receive

  • Enables merchant to easily remove a product for their customer

This feature is currently available on the merchant dashboard, but is coming soon to the customer portal this month.

How to remove a product from a subscription order for your customer:

  1. From Ongoing, click on Subscriptions

  2. Click the subscription you want to manage

  3. On the Line Item section, click Edit

  4. Click Remove Line Item

  5. To confirm, click Yes Remove Line Item

The product will be removed from your future subscription orders.

The products and price will be updated on all future orders.

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