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How to upgrade to the latest 2.0 Theme
How to upgrade to the latest 2.0 Theme
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Here's our guide on how to update your Shopify theme to the latest 2.0 version.

If you already have paid for a Shopify pro theme, this entitles you to a 2.0 upgrade for free (if the company has released an update).

2.0 Themes are great because they work well with subscriptions, and are updated regularly.

First, we highly recommend you backup your current theme.

  1. ) From Shopify under Sales Channels, click on Themes under Online Store.

In the Current Theme section, click Actions, and select Download Theme file.

Check your email to make sure it has been downloaded so you have a backup.

2.) Under Theme Libraries, you can see if there is an update to your theme because Shopify will state it. It will look something like this.

From Shopify, click on Online store, click Themes.

Under Theme Library, click Add to theme Library

You will see it pop up under Theme Library.

To see what it will look like, click Actions --> Preview

This will let you see what your website will look like with the latest version of the theme. Sometimes things get moved around or images go missing, so it's good to take care of all of this before publishing it.

Once everything looks good (including your subscription products!) you can click Actions --> Publish.

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